Lindab Safe® Single Wall Duct and Fittings

Linx offers non-insulated (single wall) HVAC ductwork with gasketed connections. Click on an image below to find a family of similar products and corresponding spec sheets. The Single Wall Catalog has gasketed and nongasketed ordering examples on every product page. Click here for the complete gasketed Single Wall Catalog. Download specifications, box quantity lists, and more under the Quick Links below.

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Lindab Safe | Tolerances, e-dimensions, and Gauges | Lindab Safe Sample Specification | Single Wall Specification | Lindab Safe Assembly Instructions | Box Quantity for Lindab Safe


Linx Nongasketed Single Wall Duct and Fittings

Linx manufactures non-insulated (single wall) HVAC ductwork without self-sealing connections as well. Click on the album below for product listing and spec sheets. To find tolerances, e-dimensions, and gauges, click here. Click here for the complete nongasketed Single Wall Catalog.

UPDATED: Box Quantity and Stock List for Nongasketed products


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