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Discover more about Linx Industries’ American-made air distribution and sheet metal ductwork products. Click on a product line below to find spec sheets, images, tolerances and links to full product line catalogs.

Single Wall Round Ductwork
Linx spiral ductwork has mechanically-formed seam lock which prevents spiral seam slippage. Linx gasketed systems are available in round sizes up to 60″ in diameter and are an important part in a SMACNA Leakage Class 3 system.

Double Wall Round Ductwork
Linx Double Wall gasketed systems lead the industry in assembly times, leakage rates, and aesthetics. Forget about painting sealants on these joints and don’t even think about wrapping this system.

Flat Oval Ductwork
Linx Flat Oval combines the space savings of rectangular with the performance benefits of round ductwork. Flat Oval is offered in both single wall and double wall construction and in a wide range of sizes.

Air Distribution Products
Linx offers the market a variety of air distribution solutions including duct-mounted registers and louvers. Find more on chilled beams, registers and Ventiduct on this page.

Round Silencers are designed with a spiral seam outer shell, inner perforated shell, and inorganic glass fiber sound absorption material. Rectangular silencers are manufactured with a galvanized frame and baffles made with Lindtec™, a sound absorption material.

Industrial Construction plus Dust Collection
Built in accordance with SMACNA’s Round Industrial Duct Construction Standards, for system pressures ranging from -30 to +50 iwg. Call an engineering specialist to help design the right system for you.

Ductwork for Marine Environments
Round duct and fittings constructed for the shipbuilding and ship renovation industries. Available in both single and double wall construction.


Linx Industries can help you customize your order to suit your project needs. We offer special materials, coatings, shipping options and accessories.

• Aluminum, Aluminized
• ProCoat™ Epoxy Coated Systems
• ProCoat Plus™
• Stainless Steel
• Architectural Color Options
• Galvanneal, Galvalume
• Antimicrobial Single & Double Wall
• Clean and Capping Options
• Manifolding Options

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