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Product Catalogs

Single Wall Round – Featuring Lindab Safe Linx duct and fittings classic collection with nomenclature for both gasketed and nongasketed connections.
Single Wall Round – Nongasketed Linx duct and fittings classic collection with nomenclature for nongasketed connections.
Double Wall Round – Featuring Lindab Safe Linx insulated duct and fittings classic collection with nomenclature for both gasketed and nongasketed connections.
Flat Oval Linx oval ductwork in both single and double wall.
Air Distribution Find registers, louvers, diffusers, and more in this catalog.
Silencers Linx manufacturers silencers for both round and rectangular duct systems.
Industrial The Industrial catalog provides a glimpse into Linx Industries’ capabilities. This is also where dust collection systems are explored.
Chilled Beams Manufactured by Lindab and available in the USA.
Marine Duct Systems Ductwork and fittings designed for marine environments.

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Ductwork Solutions: Educational
Ductwork Solutions: Healthcare
Ductmate Clutchers®
EcoGuard™ – Alternative Insulation for Double Wall

Technical Briefs/White Papers

AIR LEAKAGE UPDATE – ASHRAE Overview (2018) Over the last ten years there has been a major shift in the way ASHRAE has approached air leakage in ductwork. This is reflected in the latest revisions of the following ASHRAE Handbooks and Standards:
1. ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings
2. ASHRAE Handbook, HVAC Systems and Equipment (2012), Chapter 19, Duct Construction
3. ASHRAE Handbook, Fundamentals (2013), Chapter 21, Duct Design [READ MORE]

THE EFFICIENCY IN ROUND  Originally published in October 2015 issue of Engineered Systems. According to a study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the Department of Energy (DOE), duct leakage is the leading cause of energy inefficiencies in commercial buildings. On average, duct leakage wastes 28.6 billion kw-hrs of electricity per year and costs U.S. building owners nearly $3 billion annually. These startling statistics make it imperative that duct systems move air to every VAV box quietly and efficiently to reduce energy consumption and leakage rates. [READ MORE]

THE IMPACT OF DUCT LEAKAGE – White Paper  Air duct leakage should be a concern to both the design engineer and the building owner because of its potential impact on the initial construction costs, energy usage, and system performance.

Every duct system requires power. Power drives the fan or blower unit needed to move the air over or through the resistance elements and power operates the compressor or heating elements depending on the desired function. No matter the size, the total benefit of the duct system is based and measured on the peak fan efficiency for that system. [READ MORE]

PAINTABLE DUCTWORK  Linx Industries has had numerous inquiries on the painting of galvanized duct surfaces. In the course of responding to these inquiries we have compiled quite a bit of re-search on this topic. [READ MORE]

DUCTWORK SUPPORT SPACING – Technical Brief  Answer the question, can you use 14′ support spacing for round spiral ductwork? [READ MORE]

OUTDOOR DUCTWORK – Technical Brief  Specifying outdoor ductwork exposed to the weather needs to be given special consideration. The standard of care for the design professional is outlined in the ASHRAE 2012 Handbook (HVAC Systems and Equipment) [READ MORE]

PAINTGRIP – Technical Brief
Paint Grip is a “trade name” referring to galvanize steel that has a phosphatized or bonderized coating. This has traditionally (old school) been accomplished by acid washing the surface with phosphoric acid to etch the zinc, or more currently, by galvannealing which changes the surface metallurgy of the zinc coating rendering a matte uniform grey color [READ MORE]

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