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Des Moines, Iowa

The Iowa Events Center (IEC) in Des Moines is a four-property arena and exhibit hall collection located on the banks of the Des Moines River. Two of the key structures – a new sports arena and an exhibition hall – were to be built from the ground up, while a third building would undergo some modifications to an existing commercial kitchen.

The Iowa Events Center presented a large project where local contractors Waldinger Corporation would buck industry conventional wisdom by not specifying rectangular ductwork and instead recommending a superior product — round ductwork. The specification had to overcome traditional resistance to using premium spiral duct and instead demonstrate why using Lindab Safe® would actually save large amounts of money on installation costs.

“The prevailing consensus around this issue was that people don’t use spiral because [they think] it costs too much,” Nick Slauson of Waldinger Corporation explained. “Such thinking does not consider line items or labor costs. Bids need to look at the cost to completion for the entire system”, Slauson said.

“At the Iowa Events Center, when you factor in the savings in labor and material, we achieved a better duct system with a higher pressure class at the same cost,” Slauson said.

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rack positions 022

rack positions 016


Overhead view of the arena's duct.

Behind the scenes look

Aluminum Safe for PNW Pool

Snohomish, Washington

An estimated $22.2 million was allocated by the school district to construct a state-of-the-art aquatics center for residents of Snohomish and surrounding communities. It would replace a facility that was closed and left many competitive swimmers displaced. Environmental comfort and air quality played a significant role in the design of the building.

· Swimmers and audience members were kept comfortable with designated ventilation systems for each.
· A saline process replaced the traditional chlorine, which eliminated eye-irritation.
· A Class 3 duct system was installed to reduce energy cost, duct leakage and installation time.

This attention to detail extended to the ductwork selected for the aquatic center. Engineers specified aluminum construction for its natural resistance to chemical corrosion. Dorse & Company, Linx’s Seattle-based representative, was able to offer the project an aluminum gasketed system, Lindab Safe. Previously unavailable, Lindab Safe made its debut at the environmentally-conscious Snohomish Aquatics Center in January of 2014. The self-sealing fittings will make your round ventilation system meet ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1, – the tightest and most energy efficient system you can get.

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Aluminum duct and fittings by Linx


snoho pool



Shipyard Installs Heavy-Duty Ductwork

Newport News, Virginia

Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) is the nation’s sole-industrial designer, builder and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and one of the only two shipyards capable of designing and building nuclear-powered submarines. Despite government spending cutbacks and being smack dab in the middle of the debt-ceiling crisis (2013), Congress gave HII the budgetary go-ahead to resume production of the $2.5 billion Virginia-class submarines.

“As a team, Newport News Shipbuilding and Electric Boat have been aggressive in identifying cost-reduction opportunities and construction efficiencies that both enabled the authorization of two submarines per year and will support their continued cost-effective and timely delivery to our Navy customer,” said Jim Hughes, NNS’ vice president, Submarines and Fleet Support.

Dubbed the Supplemental Modular Outfitting Facility, or SMOF, the structure is a smaller cousin to the adjacent 200,000 square-foot Modular Outfitting Facility, where subs are built and assembled today. The building includes 65,000 square feet of construction space and a 9,000 square-foot office tower.

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Shipyard Duct

Round Industrial


HII Duct

Welding on


My Oh My Oval Installed in Miami

Miami, Florida

The Florida Marlins ball club constructed their brand new stadium in Little Havana, just outside downtown Miami, where the well-known Orange Bowl football stadium was once located. Besides the large baseball field with its sliding roof, the actual stadium includes large internal areas for spectators, restaurants and foyers, as well as around 60 sponsor lodges. When the installer, United Sheet Metal Co/Appelgate, was to decide on the supplier of the duct system, positive experiences with Linx Industries (formerly Lindab USA) from an earlier job led Linx to be the preferred supplier. So good in fact, that the choice of Linx and the local dealer Technical Systems Equipment Corporation was made without hesitation. Deliveries to the Florida Marlins Ballpark consisted of suspended Lindab Safe® round and Linx Flat Oval.

Past projects proved to be successful and we are proud of our team for their well-executed management of this job. An interesting aspect of the Florida Marlins Ballpark is that the architect, Populus, also designed the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines Iowa and Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Linx worked on both of these projects and was pleased to provide Lindab Safe for labor and cost savings to both sports complexes.”

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Linx Oval Installed @ Marlins Stadium

Linx Oval Duct @ Marlins Stadium

Double Wall Round ductwork overhead.

Double Wall Round ductwork overhead.

Linx Duct runs visible over the seats.

Linx Duct runs visible over the seats.

Linx Round Ductwork

Linx Round Ductwork

Exposed oval overhead at Marlin's Stadium

Exposed oval overhead at Marlin’s Stadium

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