Steel and Stone

Richmond, Virginia

Tucked behind Richmond’s Tobacco Row, craft beer enthusiasts have a new brewery to celebrate. Stone Brewing Co. opened its Richmond location in May 2016. Just a few month later, we had the pleasure of a tour.

The building’s design is packed full of features. It includes functional spaces for brewing, bottling, packaging, shopping, tasting, and even an outdoor natural space for visitors to enjoy. Of course, our favorite part was the exposed spiral ductwork. Our thanks to Stone and its employees for the time and permission to share these images. Take a look…

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from_the_top_115feet (17)

Right on time at this Train Station

Washington, District of Columbia

Relied upon since 1908, Washington D.C.’s Union Station is both a landmark and a Mid-Atlantic transit hub. The principal architect of 1893s World’s Fair, Daniel H. Burnham, designed Union Station in the Beaux Arts- style. Union Station’s design is credited with having inspired much of the Washington D.C.’s monumental architecture. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1969, the aging structure attracts an unbelievable 90,000 visitors on a daily basis for train, bus and subway transport.

Union Station was designed with the Main Hall at the entrance. It greets patrons as they arrive and depart from the capital city. The size of the hall is majestic. At its peak, the dome is 96 feet above the marble floor below. The sheer vastness of the room taunts the eye to look up and take notice of the historical details. Roman statues stand guard
above and stained glass windows shower a soft glow below. Visitors are often caught snapping pictures with their cameras and cell phones. Union Station has a dedicated Instagram account sharing these photos.

Much of Union Station’s Main Hall was under heavy construction during 2014. The hall was dissected into five bays and contractors evaluated the project’s unique installation requirements and bid accordingly. Norwood Environmental Systems, Inc. of Upper Marlboro, Maryland worked with Waldron of Maryland and won the contract to replace the HVAC ductwork in four of the five bays over the dome in the Main Hall. (At the time of publishing, Bay #5 was still in planning.)

The HVAC renovation at Union Station’s Main Hall held unusual safety, logistic and design challenges because of the buildings age, importance, and public nature. The project was successful because of the high-level coordination between the engineers, architects, Norwood Environmental Systems, and Linx. The renovated Main Hall is a historic treasure for Washington DC, a transit hub for commuters, and showcase of cooperation for both Norwood and Linx.

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public_view (19)

public_view (9)

Inside look into the renovation at Union Station.

Inside look into the renovation at Union Station.

Inside look into the renovation at Union Station.

Atop the Main Hall at Union Station

Inside look into the renovation at Union Station.

from_the_top_115feet (17)

Texas Children’s Hospital Feigen Research Center

Houston, Texas

As the nation’s largest pediatric hospital, Texas Children’s is renowned for its expertise and breakthrough developments in the treatment of cancer, newborn diseases, cardiac disorders, among other conditions. The newly renovated Texas Children’s Feigin Center is a state-of-the-art research facility for more than 120 researchers from Texas Children’s and Baylor College of Medicine. Formerly a patient-care facility, the expansion and renovation has transformed it into an exclusively dedicated research center.

The Feigin Center is home to 200,000 square feet of space for research laboratories, a conference center and spaces for researcher interaction. The $40-million renovation now reaches to 20-floors of state-of-the-art research and office space to physicians leading innovative pediatric research initiatives.

The job contract was for over $1.2 million in ductwork- mostly heavy gauge, measuring 6”-96” in diameter. The large exhaust system called for 10-gauge stainless header SS316. The total mechanical portion of the job was in excess of $20 million.

Delivery timing was crucial to fit into the renovation schedule and make the building habitable for the often steamy Houston climate. An additional challenge came from the actual delivery of the produced sections. Craning was necessary to lift the pieces twenty-one stories off the ground.

As an industrial sized job, the project demonstrated Linx Industries’ capabilities to fabricate specialty stainless sizes of longseam stainless steel duct and fittings. To expedite field installation time taps, Linx manifolded the taps to the ductwork sections.

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Stadium Scores Touchdown with Double Wall

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When 2006 Super Bowl Champions the Pittsburgh Steelers announced plans last March to expand their home, Heinz Field, to include additional luxury suites and seating, local fans really had something to cheer about. PSSI Stadium Corp., which manages the stadium, planned to add 20,000 square feet of enclosed club space extending across the north end zone. Plans called for the additional space to feature a sleek, industrial architecture look, with an exposed ceiling and spiral duct to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Because both the ceiling and duct system were to be painted flat black to match other elements of the décor, the job specifically called for insulated spiral duct, which would be easier to paint than pipe that had to be wrapped externally to provide needed insulation. MidStates Spiral distributors sold builders on Lindab Safe® Double Wall duct. It was ideal for this type of application, not only because the ductwork was to be exposed, but also because it had because it had to be painted.

The contractor began work on the project in early summer, installing some 1,200 linear ft. of the Lindab Safe Double Wall duct with 245 round fittings. The ductwork was connected to ten new stand-alone blower coiler units, which also were exposed as part of the architect’s design. The ductwork was completed in late August, and the new space was formally opened on September 7th, 2006, when the Steelers faced off with the Miami Dolphins.

“Everyone was very pleased with the way the project turned out,” said Heidi Edwards, the PSSI Stadium Corp. coordinator for the project. “The fans really enjoy the new space, and its open, modern look, and the exposed duct work and the comfort it provides obviously contributes to that.”

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