• ProCoat Duct Systems

    Linx Industries brings ProCoat products to the market as an alternative to PVC, PDS, PCD, and other precoated steel products.
    The coating exhibits superior chemical resistance characteristics over precoated sheet metal alternatives. In addition,
    ProCoat ductwork can be fabricated using industry standard welding methods, adding quality while maintaining aesthetic appearance and
    corrosion resistance. The coating is white, however, desired RAL colors can be specified and even custom matched.

    About ProCoat
  • Your Source for Lindab Products

    Lindab Safe® ductwork products are manufactured to strict published tolerances.
    The double-lipped self-sealing gasketed connection meets SMACNA Leakage Class 3 performance and is available in diameters up to 60".
    Lindab Safe is offered in both single and double wall construction.

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  • Industrial Construction

    Not all projects are created the same. We understand this and employ an educated staff of trained welders
    who can build ductwork to suit your project's special demands. From fully welded and manifolded pieces to
    dust collection systems, Linx provides only the finest HVAC duct systems.

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HVAC Ductwork and Air Distribution Products Provider
Serving North America for over 20 years

Linx Industries, a division of DMI Companies, is North America’s leading manufacturer of commercial HVAC ductwork and fittings. Previously referred to as Lindab USA, Linx is America’s single source for Lindab products. Linx operates from its manufacturing hub in Portsmouth, Virginia and employs over 100 union and support staff. Linx Industries provides the construction market with residential, commercial, and industrial air distribution solutions. Discover how Linx Industries’ sheet metal products can save valuable time and money. From duct installation to ownership, count on our well manufactured products. Sold through a network of trusted manufacturer representatives in the United States and Canada, you can find the nearest Linx rep by using the “Where-to-buy” feature.
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Featured Product Lines:


Single Wall Round
Linx offers the market an expanded catalog of spiral round sheet metal HVAC ductwork combinations. Click here for uninsulated systems.


Air Distribution
Find registers, louvers and Ventiduct to fit your spiral system. Chilled beams too.


Double Wall Round
Linx Double Wall (insulated) duct systems featuring Lindab Safe self-sealing gasket. Can be supplied as nongasketed as well.


Industrial Ductwork
Give us your design and specifications, we will do the rest. We have unlimited construction capabilities.


Flat Oval
For those constrained spaces where spiral round ductwork just won’t do, try our Linx Flat Oval duct systems.


Factory supplied coated ductwork for aesthetics and for corrosion resistance.

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